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Eye Treatment

The eye is an extension of the brain and out of the 12 cranial nerves, half of them have dedicated function for the eye. This implies that whatever you consider a problem for your eye, there are possible systemic or associated body conditions as well. That is why at Imperial Eye, we just dont stop when your eye condition resolves, but we go the extra step of investigating other body conditions that could arise.

With our eye treatment services, we seek to isolate every possible cause for that condition. Whatever test that ought to be run inorder to come to an absolute diagnosis is carried out just for you.

Imperial Eye Centre specializes in the determination of specific eye conditions. So right from the eyebrow to the eyelashes, to the eye lids through the cornea to the fundus, we examine, diagnose, treat and manage any anomally that may exist and nurse you right to your optimal eye health. Some of the prevalent eye conditions that present at our facility are: