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Hyperopia or Longsightedness

What is Hyperopia?

Hyperopia is a refractive error where people are able to see distant objects clearly but objects up close seem blurry. People with hyperopia tend to have eye strains, headaches from trouble reading, eye fatigue from focusing on objects up close. There are several treatments for hyperopia including eyeglasses, contact lenses, and eye surgery.

Causes of Hyperopia

Hyperopia occurs because the eyeball is shorter than normal. This causes the image to focus behind the retina rather that on it. People with hyperopia can see distant objects fine but performing task like reading, sewing, or typing on the computer can become a hassle.

Treatments for Hyperopia

People with hyperopia often squint when working with objects up close. This allows them to see better as a different amount of light is refracted. Like treatments for myopia, treatments for hyperopia are designed to refract a correct amount of light into the eyes through either corrective lenses or reshaping of the cornea through surgical and non-surgical methods.

At a young age, depending on the degree of hyperopia, eyeglasses or contacts are usually the first option. They are usually worn only when working with objects that require close up focus. Refractive surgery like LASIK Eye Surgery is a popular treatment. This allows treatment without the fuss and feel of contacts or eyeglasses. Relatively new refractive procedures for people over 40 with hyperopia include CK, Conductive keratoplasty. This causes the cornea to change shape and thus improve vision.

Courtesy: Eye Care Source